• How do I create BeamNFT account?

    If you don't have the Beam Web Wallet:
    • Install Beam Web Wallet extension
    • Create/restore your wallet with the seed phrase and wait ~5 minutes untill your web wallet will be synced.
    • Connect your wallet to the website using "Connect Wallet" button and click the "Approve" button in the extension pop-up.

    If you already have the Beam Web Wallet:
    • Click "Connect Wallet" and click the "Approve" button in the extension pop-up.

  • What is BEAM?

    Beam is a Confidential DeFi Platform bringing privacy to the world of decentralized financial applications.

    Beam features innovative Smart Contract architecture running on top of private-by-default blockchain, native Confidential Assets, opt-in auditability and easy to use wallets for all platforms.

    Beam aims to provide privacy for DeFi applications, reduce miner extracted value, prevent front running and whale monitoring.

  • What is a NFT?

    A non-fungible token (NFT) is a cryptoasset representing something unique and collectible using blockchain technology. Stands for non-fungible token.

  • Can I sell the same art as NFT through different platforms?

    If you are wondering if you can sell an NFT on multiple platforms, then the answer is that it may be technically possible, but you really don’t want to as it will ruin your reputation, and no one will buy NFTs from you again.

  • Why should I buy NFTs?

    Any digital artwork downloaded from the internet will have no monetary or financial value, however, NFT images are an artist’s original work. Just as you can go online and download the Mona Lisa image or even buy a Mona Lisa poster, the image and the replicas or copies will never be worth anything close to the physical, verified original. You can even download an image thousands of times, but they are all irrelevant because you don’t own the NFT linked version that verifies that you own the original artwork.
    Owning the unique NFT also allows you to show it off as a part of the NFT community and gain weight in it.
    "Did you hear about Punks, Apes and other popular arts that costs a millions of dollars at this moment?"
    First of all - your NFT is a unique and valuable work of art. You will be able to use this art in future games, which are currently knows as #play2earn games.
    Second - the value of your unique artwork NFT's can be set by only the owner, increasing it's value as you sell it on.

  • Why should I buy NFTs on the Beam Marketplace?

    Beam allows you to buy and own all NFTs privately, where no one will know who are you or what you bought / own. Your unique proof of identity key is visible by everyone and they will be able to check that you're the author, but this stills hides your identity.
    Beam has very low transaction fees for listing NFT's and interaction with it's contracts.

  • What is the BeamNFT marketplace?

    BeamNFT.art is a fully-fledged NFT marketplace based on the BEAM network that allows anyone to acquire or sell Beam-based NFTs.
    BeamNFT aims to help promote artists and creators by providing them with a trustless marketplace to share their art.

  • Where will my NFTs be stored?

    NFTs are stored directly on the Beam Blockchain.

  • How can I see my NFTs?

    Connect your wallet and check My NFTs page

  • Can I transfer my NFTs to another blockchain?

    BeamNFT.art will be cross-chain in future, so yes! In time you will be able to transfer your Beam based NFTs to other blockchains!

  • Can I resell my NFTs?

    You can relist your NFTs for sale at your own desired price. You will be able to change the price of your NFT whenever you want. There will be a small transaction fee - paid in Beam - to set, or to amend prices.

  • How do I create my own NFT collection on the Beam Blockchain?

    1. Complete the steps in the How do I create BeamNFT account? section.
    2. Copy your public key, found in the top-right hand corner of the app.
    3. Send your NFTs to [email protected] with public key and collection name (Each image should be <50 Kb, all images must be in JPEG format)
    4. NFTs should be archived into *.zip
    5. Wait for a bit until your NFTs will be stored in the contract and track them at beamnft.art

  • What are the fees on BeamNFT?

    Currently, there is a 0% listing fee. You don't need to pay anything to get your NFTs listed.

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  • Can I launch BeamNFT Marketplace from Beam Desktop Wallet?

    Yes, you can! We're now officially listed in Beam Dapp Store.